Advancing Specialty Care

Claimat is evolving specialty care with a provider-patient centered solution that simplifies specialty prescription process.

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Dr. Jack Sally
Prescribed Specialty Medication
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Samuel Gomes
Stays updated on his Specialty Prescription
Specialty Prescribing
High-cost prescription medications used to treat complex, chronic conditions
Patient Enrollment
A patient enrollment form is sent to a specialty pharmacy when a specialty drug is prescribed
Real-Time Benefits
Delivers patient-specific benefit and cost information in the electronic workflow
Prior Authorizations
The payer approves coverage for prescribed services prior to their administration
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Enable seamless care coordination between patients and providers

Experience the future of specialty healthcare with Claimat's transformative solutions.

  • Improves comprehension of medication costs and coverage benefits
  • Streamlines medication monitoring and tracking
  • Encourages patient adherence to prescribed treatments

A more efficient medication therapy ecosystem is our specialty.

Security and confidentiality of critical health data is our priority.

Operations simplified and productivity improved with our automation.

Our goal is to connect the specialty workflow for an efficient ecosystem.

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A Better Specialty Care System is Here

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It's all about speed

This solution is intelligent enough to prompt human intervention when necessary, effectively turning processors into exception managers. As a result, data quality is enhanced, and business practices and procedures are transformed.

Claimat's extensive specialty experience and knowledge shines through in the solutions they provide.
  • 57k+

    working-age Americans with chronic illnesses make up our user base

  • 60%

    of the new drugs approved by the FDA are specialty drugs

  • 40%

    of the total drug costs per year are attributed to specialty medication

  • 5x

    as fast as standard processing times, our prescription processing is unmatched.

Collaborate to Build a Brighter Future

With Claimat, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your specialty prescription care services through task automation and streamlined workflows, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: engaging with your patients.