About Claimat

About Claimat

"Claimat" is a privately held company incorporated in Los Angeles California USA. A technology company dedicated to furthering the growth of electronic, direct connectivity amongst the key stakeholders in healthcare, through the utilization of its unique proprietary Enterprise application.

The company is a leading medical IT services co. specializing in the development of integrated medical software. The medical IT services offered by the company including medical software, and more is backed by vast industry experience and cutting-edge technology.

Claimat seeks to lower the barriers to connectivity and thereby enable the transmission, receipt and analysis of key clinical and transactional data for all parties within the healthcare continuum. By successfully achieving this objective, Claimat endeavour to drive down the "business" costs of medicine for its users, allowing them to focus instead on the "care" in healthcare.

Our Connectivity

Claimat provides connectivity to more than 1,200 payers at the lowest transactional cost.

Our Slogan

An application that turns data into knowledge: We analyze every bit of data entered into the system for accuracy.

Our Solutions

We also offers a variety of key services including Eligibility, Claim Status, ERA, Online Scheduler, Patient Statement, Patient Login, and much more.

Our Focus

The company's focus is to provide excellent customer service/support by streamlining its operations, with the use of technology and cutting edge solutions.

Our Team

The Company's executive management team has a total of over 100 years experience in technology, web development, marketing and customer-facing experi- ence in the web based managed medical IT services industry. The Company employs an experienced group of high level application development team that have worked with the founders for the past several years to develop advanced web based applications such as medical software, etc used by major insurance companies, medical groups and clearinghouse.

Our Service

We promise to provide 100% satisfactory service to the health care industry with Hi-Tech regulations.