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UB04 Claim Form

 Claim form UB-04 is one of the very important claim forms required to be filled up by medical service providers for reimbursement of medical expenses. There are different claim forms for different medical providers. Individual medical providers like physicians are required to fill up claim form 1500, where as facilities like hospitals, rehabilitation centers, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, etc need to bill their services on the claim form UB04 in order to get paid.

Often medical providers get confused between the two forms claim form 1500 and claim form UB-04. It is very important to have a clear cut understanding as regards the two forms. If a wrong form is filled up, the insurance carrier will straight way reject the claim. More problems arise when the facility such as drug and alcohol rehab facility refuses to file the claim on behalf of the patient. The patient is required to identify the correct form and procedures.

There is lot of information that needs to be filled up on claim form UB-04. Required fields on the UBO4 form include rev codes, value codes and type of bill. What do you put in these fields? These forms can be very confusing. Where do you get the correct information to complete the forms? And which fields are required on the form? If the facility does not have the required form to fill out, where do you get one? Incomplete or incorrect information would lead into claim rejection.

Filling up the claim form UB-04 correctly is very difficult for individuals as well as facilities with no experience. The Rev codes represent the procedure codes. The type of bill is a three digit number that represents the type of facility, the bill classification and the frequency of the bill. The value codes are required fields only in certain situations. It is very difficult to complete these forms correctly without previous experience or proper training.

The claim forms UB-04 were changed in May 2007 to allow for use of the NPI number. With no experience or training it is very difficult to understand the NPI numbers. It is difficult to determine where you should be entering an individual NPI number or a group NPI number. And when you try to find UB04 forms for sale, you find they are available in boxes of 2500.

Claim form UB-04 has lot of data to be filled in. Whether you are an individual or a facility filling up of the form correctly is of utmost importance. Advancement in internet technology has cleared the path for electronic claims submission. Most facilities in US have switched to electronic claim submission. E-claim submission has helped to put a check on errors as the system provides with a number of tools for eligibility, validation and error checking.

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