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Medical Claim Forms

 Medical claim reimbursement is a tedious process, it involves a number of steps including filling up of medical claim form to get the reimbursement. It is one of the very first steps to start with the reimbursement process. The health insurance claim form should be filled up properly without any errors else otherwise the form usually comes back for re-submission. Lot of information needs to be filled up in the form; patient, doctor and billing manager all of them has to contribute to the data required in the medical claim form.

There are different types of medical claim forms that need to be filled up depending up on the type of insurance, eligibility etc. However, the most common medical claim forms include HCFA and Form 1500. The health insurance claim forms available for medical claims processing tend to be standardized. The processing of the forms is done through a unique code. It is possible to download a copy of the forms from online sources. In some cases the patients may be required to make payments for the services after which reimbursement is done.

The medical claim forms require standard information like name and address details, date of birth, insurance policy number as well as group number and information regarding group coverage from an employer. While filling medical claim details actual dates of doctor's visits and medical treatments have to be mentioned along with details of illness as well as injury. It is advisable to submit medical bills in an itemized form. The insurance card should be kept handy as the account number and identification details may be needed.

In general, delay in getting reimbursement is mainly due to errors during the process of filling up medical claim forms. One method of helping get claims processed quickly and effectively is to submit the health insurance claim forms via a clearing house instead of directly. This reduces the amount of errors and speeds up the process. Most medical claims are currently submitted electronically, mostly using specialist software. Ability to use this software is one of the areas medical billing employees are trained in.

Electronic medical claim forms or electronic claim submission is gaining immense popularity. More than 90% of the organized healthcare facilities in the U.S. have switched to electronic claims submission. The electronic mode of filing health insurance claim form ensures eligibility checking before submitting the claim, minimizing on submission errors and quick reimbursements as compared to the old traditional system of paper filling.

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