Physician Portal - Empower your practice

Claimat's web-based medical claims processing system can connect most practice management systems (PMS) to both regional payers and national networks in a HIPAA-compliant environment, at the lowest cost available.

Our web-based claims processing system delivers 100% digital claims submission, significantly reduces administrative costs, improves auto-adjudication rates and significantly reduces turnaround time.

Features we offer:

  • Instant verification of benefit and eligibility information
  • Access to most payer connections in the industry
  • Corrected and verified patient information
  • Low Cost Claims Processing - No charge for transmission of commercial claims
  • Flexible Claims Submission - Direct transmission or print-image
  • HIPAA Compliant Solution - Claimat's working format is ANSI X12 HIPAA v4010A
  • Unique Features - Claim Editor, Reimbursement Manager, Comprehensive Reports
  • Simple, reliable online patient scheduling solution
  • Data Analysis, Pay for Performance, HEDIS, and HCC reporting in real time
  • Integrated tools will allow for the transmission of lab results to patients, medical groups and health plans
  • Integrates crucial pharmacy data with convenience and clarity